Course cancellations and Refunds policy

If the student cancels or absent to the courses for personal reasons after having made the payment, It will be considered canceled and 100% of the price will be charged as a cancellation fee.
Only when the cancellation is notified in advance, the payment made may be assigned to subsequent courses ( within one year), but no refunds will be made.

Goods cancellations and Refunds policy

Due to our international shipping process, we are unable to provide returns or exchanges on products.
Before making your purchase, please check over the details of your order.
If there are any details you are unsure of, please make an inquiry to customer support before your order.
We take all necessary measures to ensure a quality service, however in the rare case that:

  • the item has incurred damage
  • the received item is different from the order

Please contact customer support within 7 days.
E-mail us at : info@cw-system.jp

Only in these cases can we provide an exchange service, at no extra cost.
Refunds will be issued by the same method as the original payment.
For credit card payments, refunds will be made within one week.

※Timing of the refund will depend on the credit card company.

Refund Method

In the case of payment via credit card, we will claim a stop of payment processing. Please follow up with your credit card issuer to enquire about their refund policy.